It was a day of personal trauma when I was told that I am in a life threatening medical condition & for me the fear of the unknown was over powering & nerve wrecking.

I then suddenly one day came across this quote that – “fears we don’t face become our limits”. This changed the way I looked at life, I was convinced that no matter what, fear will always be there and I made a mantra of life to remind myself that I am stronger than I think I am & I can fight it out. 🙂 With this the fear didn’t go away,  but I was fearing less & finally triumphed over the condition !

I realized when we are afraid three things usually can happen:

  1. We get paralyzed in fear & lose our will to fight
  2. We tend to become ignorant by simply pretending it is not there or
  3. We fight back & come out swinging

Once I realized that being fearless or fearing less is a matter of choice,  I made some simple checkpoint for every time I encountered fear:

  1. Acknowledge that you are afraid or fear something!
  2. Analyze the outcome (damage) if the fear comes true?
  3. Take a deep breath & ask yourself – if this fear does not come true what would I have done?
  4. Visualize the success if the fear wasn’t there? Is it worth the effort?
  5. If yes, go ahead confront the fear & plunge in what you would do if the fear wasn’t there – fear will NOT go away but will definitely diminish!

It’s all in the mind & every time you confront fear you will be pleasantly surprised to know – you are stronger than you think you are!